For You – 2023

Bridge added 230318; modified 230819

OK. There’s a bridge. I’m not sure it’s the right bridge, but it is a bridge.

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Please be assured that we absolutely adore this bridge. Cheers.

| Cm FG | (G) |Cm FG |(G) | A | E |A | E – |G – | A – | B – | [back to chorus for gtr solo]

Fuller Arrangement – 2/12/2023

Simple arrangement, including verses and a little spacer I have not recorded til now.

Additional Bass for the Verses…

The opening chords and melody phrase are chromatic. The bass plays two-note partials, with the melody note on the bottom… with the guitars playing the melody on the top… to me this adds fullness and stability? Je ne sais quoi…

Timing of the Basic Riff

I was worried about the timing of my chukkas so I slowed the riff down to make sure I see where they fit in. Original tempo is 142, here it is 112…

I think this chukka chart is what I’m playing. Hash heads are hits, Xs are chukkas. empties are holds.

The Bass Line

Here’s that bass line slow:

All Together Now…

At 142bpm, bass line, two rhythm guitar tracks, with intro and solo lead jam idea product (non pasteurized)