The Brazilian Joint

Here are some bass fingerings for the A Section riff:

230218 Update

Here’s a full working arrangement… notes follow below…

There are three sections here… A and C, both at 120bpm; and the Bs at 144bpm. (WAY below I call them Feel A Riff 1 and Feel A Riff 2… A and C respectively.)

I feel that any instrument at any time should be able to play rhythm or melody. I think this can be a GREAT performance piece IF we can sort out an arrangement based on out strengths.

Update 02/07/2023

We’ve wrestled with the tempo change…. It’s so crucial and I feel it naturally… I think it has something to do with quarter note triplets in Feel A, going to a 4/4 beat on ‘ONE’ and ‘TWO AND’.

A and B sections, with melody q=120 to q=144

The below chart also shows A feel – Riff 2, which I didn’t record yet. (It says 142, but its 144…)